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When it comes to hooping and dogs, some of us have it worse than others. As JoJo Fo Shosays, “My big pain in the butt never lets me play by myself.” With the sun shining she heads outside to enjoy some hooping in the great outdoors, but her adorably large dog has other ideas. She’s got some nice moves to share even with all the distractions. JoJo lives in Amityville, New York, USA, and the soundtrack that she’s hooping to be default, because her music was replaced, is unknown. View/Like on Hooping.org

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Let’s take a little trip to The Gili Islands so we can spend a little time watching Malcolm Stuart do his thing. The Gili Islands are an archipelago of three small islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air), just off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia. Malcolm took a time out there following Sacred Circularities in Bali and without any music, and even with a drop or two, there is so much in this to try to take in, you’ll probably need to watch it more than once. Malcolm lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. On Hooping.org.

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Amy Gardner makes her hooping.org debut and immediately proves that she’s most definitely one to keep an eye on in the future. With eleven months of hooping to her credit and with this, her first video, Amy spins up a truly captivating performance at home that we loved from start to finish. Where has she been hiding? We can’t wait to see more from her. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, and the soundtrack that she’s hooping to is the Theme from Schindler’s List. It’s available on iTunes.


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We absolutely love seeing hooping spread all over the globe and this “Hooplove Bash” is a great example of that. Featuring hoopers Dafna Nakash of Hooptimistic and Mor Tal of Hoopiness, watch as they spin up the hoop love throughout Israel and share their hoop dance at the Negev Monument in Beer Sheba. They both live in Beer Sheba, Israel, as well, and the music that they’re hooping to is “Magic” by Coldplay. You can snag your own copy of it quite easily on iTunes.


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Georgia Walsom-Brock recently went on vacation with her family to Greece and she made a hooping video to share with everyone while she was there. She exclaims, “No way was I leaving my hoop at home!” and that’s the kind of attitude we really love. The clear waters make a lovely backdrop for her hoop dance, making us wish we were traveling and hooping with her. Georgia is from London, England, UK, and her soundtrack for this is “HSHVD/Untitled” by High Hats and it’s available on Soundcloud.


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